Return On Character

Utilize ROC to unleash your company's full potential.

Whether your organization is facing challenges such as decreased business success, low workforce engagement or it strives for a culture refresh, ROC provides valuable insights and sustainable solutions.

By leveraging ROC, leaders and their organizations focus and align around a specific set of Character Habits, shown to drive productive behavior and accelerate business results.

The ROC survey is customizable to your needs and will enable you to drive increased business performance for the whole company or distinct business units, and achieve a step change in leadership impact.


Topics like: Innovation, Compliance, Employee Engagement, Digital Transformation, Collaboration and Customer-Centricity pose a great challenge to every organization and especially the leadership team. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which factors have a positive impact and which ones a negative impact on the organization.


We know from research that leadership behavior is key to establishing and nurturing a culture of character, risk management, and workforce engagement. The ROC algorithm will identify the specific set of Character Habits that will actively drive productive behavior and accelerate business results for your organization. ROC is not a change initiative but it changes the way leadership works.


ROC provides an index of “digital readiness,” which shows how the leadership team can leverage the transformational energy of the company and establish confidence in leadership.

Digitalization requires a pervasive new mindset. If digitalization is applied only on the technical level, its creative potential will not be fully realized.
Digitalization requires internal networking and consistent processes, new dimensions of customer experience, and the transition to different business models. It must be supported by a culture where innovation, risk-taking, collaboration, and customer-centricity flourish.
ROC helps companies to increase “digital readiness,” gain an understanding of the mechanisms behind customer experience, and transition to new business models.

Outcomes impacted
by ROC:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Compliance
  • Digitalization
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Customer-Centricity
  • Company´s Culture

ROC Applications

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Whole Organizations
  • Business Units
  • Individual Executives
  • Customer-focused Designs

How does it work?

One set of data - multiple purposes: KRW has developed a measuring tool which will draw a realistic picture of your company’s execution readiness and uncover untapped assets as well as potential blockages that would otherwise remain concealed.
Instead of displaying the mere state of engagement, the ROC survey reveals the actual factors that drive engagement.
KRW analyzes your company’s value drivers of productivity in a well-structured.