ROC empowers you to turn vision into reality

"Understand the levers of leadership that drive greater productivity, innovation, execution readiness and business results."

ROC provides a clear, databased roadmap of how to lead your company to more alignment, engagement, and success.

Research revealed which behavioral patterns truly have a strong and positive impact on business outcomes and workforce engagement and which are counterproductive.

KRW tested and identified 25 Keystone Character Habits that have a consistent, measurable, and predictable relationship with business results. ROC´s algorithm isolates specific factors of engagement that interact with each other and influence workforce engagement.

Character is formed upon habits which can be adapted and adopted, once you know exactly which levers to push and why. Character Habits shape how we relate to people, and in turn determine the reputation we have in the eyes of others.

Leadership behavior is key to establishing and nurturing a Culture of Character, risk management, and workforce engagement.

ROC is not a change initiative, but it changes the way leadership works.

Why Return On Character?

We know from quantified research that “Who the Leader is” - the Leadership Behavior - generates more amplified value than “What a Leader Knows” - the management skills.

By leveraging ROC, leaders and their organizations focus on a set of specific, evidence-based Character Habits to accelerate results and lower risks.

The ROC algorithm reveals exactly which levers - behaviors - must be used to actuate the factors of productivity and release your company’s full potential.

What is a Culture or Character?

Discover how leading with Character transforms your organization´s culture.

A culture of Accountability

is driven by Integrity

The capacity for Innovation

is spurred by Forgiveness

Creating a Culture of Character

Confidence in Management

builds on Responsibility

A culture of Collaboration

is spreading with Compassion